Spark v1 - Brewblox


What is the process for switching over my v1 spark that’s still running the old Brewpi to the new brewblox?


We could not run brewblox on the spark core. But it is pin compatible with the photon and we do support the V1 board. If you swap the spark core for a photon, you can run Brewblox.

elco, pretty sure I switch out to a photon a long time ago. What is the process for migrating over to brewblox?

Same as any other install. Flash the firmware, and run ctl add-spark.

ONLY if after flashing the firmware, you have a solid white or black screen, run brewblox-ctl particle -c flash-bootloader.

Thanks Bob. If I have any issues I’ll let you know.


Everything worked out. Got a pi three to replace my old pi1 that was running the legacy Brewpi, and ditched the pi4 I was using for the new spark. Updated the spark v1 to brewblox, added the newer spark service. So far everything is working great, all on the one rpi.

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Why ditch the pi 4? They are much faster than the 3.

I may switch it out to the four, but currently using it in my brewing area.

I’m finally getting around updating to Brewblox and just ran into the issue with Spark v1, here is the error I saw. Good thing I had a photon laying around from an old project that I could swap in!

To use the Spark V1 board with Brewblox, you indeed need to insert a Photon instead of the Spark Core. After that swap, it will be nearly identical to the Spark 2 and 3.

If you ordered the raspberry pi at the time you got the Spark 1, it is probably a Raspberry Pi 1, which has an armv6 processor. Armv6 is not supported by some of the dependencies of Brewblox, so we have armv7 as a minimum processor requirement. A raspberry pi would also be very slow, even if we could support it.

This means that the raspberry pi 2 is the oldest system supported by Brewblox.
A raspberry pi 3 will be a lot faster and more responsive than the 2, and a raspberry pi 4 is significantly faster than the 3.

Thanks Elco,
I think you’re right about the RPi being a 1, when I check the hardware in the command prompt it returns Raspberry Pi Model B V2. I was hoping the V2 meant RPi 2 but it must be a RPi 1 V2. Luckily I’ve got a 3 I can swap to as well.

Yes, sounds like a v1. The naming is a bit confusing. If it has a yellow composite video out connector, it is definitely a V1.