Spark v2 Blue Screen

Afternoon all. I have been using my BrewPi Spark v2 for over two years and it has worked wonderfully. I last updated it over a year ago because I really didn’t need to update as it was doing what I needed it to do. I noticed yesterday that the temperatures on the BrewPi itself did not match the temps from my online interface and that the unit was having trouble keeping temperature. I did a hard restart of everything but it didn’t help. My Spark v2 now has a blue screen and won’t do anything else. Any advice?

Thanks. Bill

A colored blue screen? Could you please take a picture?

Could you please run brewblox-ctl log?

Does the web UI still show the Spark as connected?

I need to reacquaint myself with the entire process of updating the pie and BrewPi. Might you have instructions for someone who has not messed with the BrewPi for over a year?

Yes blue screen. See uploaded photo. Appreciate the help.

If you’re using Brewblox, you can follow the instructions at to connect to your Pi, and then run brewblox-ctl update.

You may still be using an older version of the Raspberry Pi OS. If this is the case (the CLI warns you), then you’ll want to update, and then export a snapshot to move your data to a fresh install.

If you’re using the old Brewpi software, I recommend upgrading to Brewblox. It replaced the old software, and is a significant upgrade.
If you’re not sure: the old software has a light web UI, and Brewblox has a dark web UI.

I definitely do not have brewblox. I’ll completely do my Pi for that if that is what you are recommending. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Will it work on that?

Thank you

Yes it works on the pi 3.
Just follow the getting started guide.

I think your screen is actually black, as in no pixels rendered, but the black had a blueish tint when viewed from an angle.

Ok. So I started greasy and just finished step 6 of Brewblox. To include the Brewblox-Ctl particle -c flash-bootloader command because I had the blue blinking led. But after the flash I still have the blank blue screen.

Not sure if I should move on or start over?

Does it beep when it resets/is plugged in? If it beeps twice, the firmware is running and it’s a hardware problem with the display.
If you have no beeps, something’s wrong with the firmware.

You can move on without a display.

It beeps twice, yes. Just never get a good display. So I will move on. Thank you. Is there a dummies guide to properly setting up the UI?

I’m not sure what you mean by “UI” - does this refer to getting the system up and working, or to make visual changes?

To set up configuration like the old software, you can press the Get Started button, and run the Fermentation Fridge quick start wizard.

Thank you. Im all set.

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