Spark V3 disconnect screen

I haven’t bought the spark V3 yet. I’m designing my control box (with SSR’s, Rpi, Spark 3) and I would like to insert the screen in the frontpanel of the control box. Is it easy to disconnect the screen from the case?

Anyone made a control box like this?

I have 3d-printed seals in TPU that fit with the front half of the enclosure.

Other example:

The way it mounts is not ideal though, because you need to exactly line up the screw holes to the holes of the enclosure. I used longer screws than the original to basically sandwich the panel and the seal between the two original halves.
The flat cable of the display is a bit short, so it is a hassle to install it properly.

A redesign where something 3d printed can be screwed directly into the front of the original enclosure, before inserting it through the panel, would be much easier to work with.
I can share the 3D files if anyone wants to have a go at it.

But I can send you this small 3d printed TPU seal too.


That would be super if you could send the TPU seal along with the Spark. Would be somewhere in the next three months I guess.

What you’ve built is exactly what i’m planning to make, but then for a HERMS setup.

Thanks a lot