Spark V3 goes white screen

Would like to know if people with Spark 3 are having this issue that it goes white screen randomly, if it rebooted goes back to normal but later still goes back to white screen. Out of the box the Spark was working with no issues but recently my Spark goes to white screen frequently.

Sounds like a hardware issue to me. I can ship you a new screen if you are able to install it yourself (it is a flat cable with ZIF socket. Or you can send the spark to me and I can do it for you.

Thanks!, If it is a cable with a socket I think I am able to replace it myself.

Hi Elco,
My BrewPi Spark 3 (firmware 0.5.5) sometimes restarts continuously. Do you think it is my power supply there is not capable of providing enough power?
My Spark 3 also have an issue with losing wifi connection to the server, is this solved by updating the firmware?
I have one temperature sensor which temperature reading systematically greys out on the Spark 3 screen, but turns back later, do you think it is a defect DS18B20. Can I replace the transistor myself?

Cheers Ken

Please first update to the latest version, 0.5.10.
That will probably resolve the reboots and the WiFi issues.

The DS18B20 is not a transistor, it is a temperature sensor. If you bought your sensor from us, there is no chance of replacing it inside the probe. It is fully encapsulated in epoxy for waterproofing and durability. You’d have to replace the entire sensor including cable etc.

I would first update the software and then see what issues remain. From 0.5.5 to 0.5.10 I fixed some major stability issues.

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