Spark will not stay powered on

Hello all,

Just trying to set up my new brewpi spark, powering it on from USB it goes into the test set up. But powering it off the Pi causes it to loop through boot, I have a couple of pi 3’s and have tried both with nothing else attache but I have the same issue with them both :frowning:

I don’t think I am doing anything wrong, as its literally just a pi and the spark, nothing else, but have I missed something somewhere?


Oh and I have a 3amp out micro usb charger connected

Most of the times those are related to USB cables.

I don’t think its that as the cable is the same in both cases, just the way its connected is different

It could be the power supply for the pi too. It does sound like undervoltage, which can be because the pi is not getting enough power.

Maybe your USB power is 4.8V and the pi is 4.6V. If you also have a drop over the USB cable, it could just dip under the limit on the pi, but not on the USB.

So really getting an independent power supply for the brewpi might be the best option. I did actually manage to get it working a bit, I am also using the raspberry official touch screen, when I powered the pi first I got this reboot, when I powered the screen, that then powers the pi, that then powers the brewpi it seems to stay up. I am having other issues though, but I will open a seperate ticket for that if I can’t get to the bottom of that :wink:

The BrewPi Spark does not use a lot of power, about 100mA. So you are probably still underpowering your Pi and should look into a power supply designed for the pi to guarantee long term stability.
The touch screen is also drawing extra current, making a good supply more important.

I am using the official pi power supply actually

Okay, in that case, try a different USB cable between Pi and Spark.

OK, I will try when home tonight. Thanks for the tips