SparkPins - No voltage

Hi team, I’ve got zero voltage from 4 of my PinOuts when using a DigitalActuator with either 5v or 12v configured and a constant 1.4-1.5V from one of the bottom ones. I’ve pulled the cover per a similar thread and there’s no obvious signs of damage or burnout.

I can work around this by purchasing another expansion board, but it would be nice to get the PinOuts working in case I expand later. At the moment I’m trying to use them to turn 2 pumps on and off.

I’ve only just gotten the system built after 4.5 yrs of it sitting in a box. That’s a long story for another day, only pointing out that the Spark 3 is from 2017 if there are any ‘known hardware issues’ with that vintage.

BrewPi 3/Firmware version: baa3a201


Which pins malfunction? All top ones, or spread between top and bottom?

I’m not aware of any common IO failures with 2017 Spark 3s, but @Elco will know more.

None of them are working Bob, but Bottom 1 has 1.47V at all times.
Here’s a couple of snaps of the controller setup. I’m using 2 independent 13A power sources so have split out the SSR’s etc to 2 boxes. Blue PowerCon = In, Grey x 2 = Pump/Element.

Hi @Bob_Steers + @Elco since my first post things have gotten stranger.

Prior to trying to get the SparkPin-outs to fire the Pump SSRs (2 of), the OneWire SSR expansion board in the 2nd enclosure was able to switch on both of the 40A SSRs intended for the HLT and BK elements and relay the 3 DS18B20 sensors (from Brewpi/store). It was all working.

Since putting the Spark 3 back into its case nothing is working. The spark finds each block as before but can’t read the sensors (OneWire Sensor could not be read), and the digital actuator widget for the SSR expansion board just spins constantly and never get a status from the board.

So following a standard debug process I’ve rebuilt the Pi image using a faster card, deleted all the blocks, reflashed the Spark, swapped from WiFI to ethernet, tested all the cables (pair 2 is dead on both sets, is that by design?), and have finally managed to get closer to working out what the problem is by starting from scratch again and adding one device at a time.

It turns out that I can only get a temp signal from 1 sensor at a time. If I plug a second one in I lose the them both. If I have 3 plugged in, the Spark detects all three but can’t read from any of them. If I pull two out, the third comes alive, and it doesn’t matter which one I pull out, I can bounce from one to the other. If I add an SSR expansion board, the Spark finds it, but never get’s a status update from it and can’t switch it on/off either.

Power. I’m using the 12v pack I bought with order# 100004441, plus I have a clone Rpi power pack for the pi too. I was using a 2.4A Anker USB charger, but swapped it out for the 2A wall pack that came with the Pi3 kit yesterday. And good cables too, from the Brewpi store.

So here’s the logs for your to have a look at plus 3 photos showing the chain of events when trying to add 2 sensors to the spark.

1.) Single sensor named HLT

2.) 2 Sensors plugged in (a short Air Temp sensor and a kettle sensor, both from the BrewPi store). The first one in the shot above stops working.

3.) Pull the first HLT sensor and the ‘air temp’ sensor comes alive again.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I repurposed the SSR expansion board I was planning to use for the fridge hack to work around the SparkPin issue so ordered a new SSR expansion board yesterday and it arrived this morning, so thanks for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey guys @elco + @Bob_Steers I think I just solved part 2 of the problem.

Whilst trying to sort the SparkPin’s issue I had turned off the 5v signal and just left 12v on. That widget page needs a blazing warning that if you disable the 5v, you disable reading from all the One-Wire devices. Assuming that is by design?

All’s well that ends well. :grin:

Yes, the main reason to toggle it is for a hardware power cycle of the sensors for a remote reset if needed.