Speidel cooling unit

Anyone have an idea if the Speidel cooling units can be converted to work with brewpi?


I can’t seem to find a lot of info about them, but they look more or less like a Glycol setup. I have a setup sorta like this but homemade and I use my old Arduino BPi with it, btu my setup is kinda different.

I use the BPi to control a pump that pushes the chilled Glycol to my vessel to cool the beer down and have an ITC-1000 running the cooling temps of the glycol system (keeps the Glycol at a set temp). This unit I found from them seems to work kinda the same way, but instead of just controlling the chiller it looks like it may (again couldn’t find a lot of info) also control when the chilled fluid is sent to the vessel.

I would say the BPi wouldn’t be a good fit for this and you’d be better off either building your own setup for glycol (note the BPi isn’t ready for this yet) or using this thing alone.



What do you use for heating? In this time of year, the ambient temperature is around 15C, so to get it up to Ale fermentation temperatures, I’d need some way to heat it too. (Speidel doesn’t heat either)

New chronical is arriving next month, planning to be prepared by the time it arrives :wink: I think a DIY glycol cooler will probably be the cooling option.