SSH error: port 22: Connection refused

Having manifestly failed to connect to my Hypriort rpi I’ve got a new sd card and have started to install per the new instructions.

I’ve flashed the card, configured wifi and enabled SSH.

Every time I try and connect to the rpi this is what I get:

Davids-MacBook:~ davidpilbeam$ ssh pi@
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

Any ideas how I can communicate to the rpi?

The IP address is correct. The router recognises the raspberry pi.

Does it respond to ping?
Did you create the ssh file in the boot directory?

It did respond to ping…and yes I did create the ssh file…and checked it was their…and i tried to share to it…then eventually checked for the ssh file and it wasn’t there…I either imagined the whole thing or created it somewhere else or something destroyed it.

All working now…and an easier install than I remember on the previous version.

However, if you change to another version please can I ask you to archive the old documentation…being forced to upgrade is not helpful…even if the new method is easier…