SSR control cable

Hi everyone! I just ordered my BrewSpark and temp sensors and I am super excited to start the build prosess next week! I have a pretty good graps of software and computer programming but I dont know much about electronics yet. I have spent the last few weeks reading up on basics circuit stuff, but still feel a bit shaky on certain topics. SSR’s in one such topic.

What type of cable should I use between the SSR’s and the Spark? The idea is to apply a small voltage across the wire that is connected from the Spark to the SSR right?

Yes, the control signal coming from the green connector on the Spark will trigger the control side of the SSR. The current is very low, so basically any cable will do.

I just ended up using some 18/2 stranded security wire and it works great.

I just used bell wire similar to sunadmn

I used bell wire, too, but it kept developing breaks in the solid cores of each wire. I changed to telephone extension lead. It has 4 conductors, each with 2 wires, and then doubled them up for redundancy.

Speaker cable also works great.