SSR Installation Location

Good day all,

I’m building a Kegerator and using a mini fridge as the base, I disassemble the thermostat and was able to map the full electric circuit, my question comes regarding the best place to install the SSR, is it possible to keep it inside the fridge?
I have space where the Thermostat was and it is a easier place to do connections, but not sure about heat and heat dissipation.
Anyone with some advice?
thanks for the support

A fridge is a pretty light load and the SSR will not heat up much.
Assuming the thermostat switches AC power, replacing it with an SSR should work.

Thanks for the fast reply.
Just building on top of the answer, yes, the thermostat switches AC, my concern was more towards adding it inside would cause some temperature problems, but believe it is not the case, as mentioned the current should be small.