SSR Wire connection Question

I finally have my Brew Pi working keeping the fridge cool but fall has come to Texas and I will have to switch to heat very soon.

I’m using the ‘A’ controller directly connected to a SSR for cool and would like to use the 'B" side for heat but can’t figure out which wire size or connector to use.

Suggestions and links are appreciated.


I am currently setting up my fridge and have just got my head around how to do the connecting with the help of a friend who did it before

Maybe if you could upload some pics and/or your diagrams we can figure this out?

Sounds like you are talking about the SSR breakout board.

There is a grey connector on the board which can be wired to an SSR directly. You can push down on the connector and just insert 2 1mm2 wires.

Thanks for the replies.

Yes, it is the SSR breakout. I’ve haven’t had a chance to try out your suggestion but will give it a try when I get home.

with 1mm2 (squared) wires, in the US you would be looking at 14 or 16 gauge wire here in the US, depending on the power of your heater