SSRs with full size side by side fridge

Years ago I set up a Brewpi with SSRs (PQLYT 10A) sold from your store to control a wine fridge.
I bought a conical now and want to control it’s fermentation in a full size side by side fridge.
My question is…will these SSRs [looks like it’s made by XIQI 40A] (see pic) that I got free from a friend work/safe for switching a FULL SIZE side by side fridge or should I purchase something else?

Single Solid State Relay - single DC TO AC SSR - SSR-10DA 25DA 40DA - XIQI ELECTRIC&TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD suggests the “ZGT-40 DA” variant is the 40A SSR. This is plenty for anything you’d normally power with a wall socket.

Thanks for the response, Bob!

Oh, sorry, one more thing…any need for heatsinks on these? I wasn’t using heatsinks before but wanted to check to make sure this isn’t a safety issue.

They don’t get excessively hot from 110 / 220 V AC. Unless you’re mounting multiple in an enclosed area, heat sinks are optional.

Just for clarity, current is what gets them hot. The voltage doesn’t matter. A fridge is low current. Heating elements for mashing will need a heatsink.

Good to know, thanks!