SSVR (Solid State Voltage Regulator)

Is there any option/ways for integration of ssvr (spark 3 controlled instead of potentiometer controlled)

You can try using fast pwm in combination with an analog filter (resistor and large capacitor). Why do you want to use one?

My thought is if I can control the voltage in my rims tube I could have way more control over it over shooting when I’m running my pump at 20%

I have bought a 4500 watt element and I’m thinking about running it on 110 instead of 220 to cut the wattage even further. But have the surface area. This should alleviate the issue but would love to have FULL control over that element.

Why not just use PWM in the Spark and a normal SSR?

I’m also looking at ssvr. I got the 8500w in both the HLT and the BK. That make the hole houses lights blink. And I rather just use the energy that I need at the time, then on the edge all time at the poulse.

Because no matter what we try for pid settings. It still scorches wort. Gets so hot it steams the worst and essentially dry fires the element. I need to be able to control the amount of current going to it to really dial back the wattage.