Starting a brew with a button and sending notifications

Hi there,
I’m wondering if it would be possible to set up a dedicated hardware button to start and stop a temperature profile brew with BrewBlox?
Also it possible to set up a notification via email for example, send an image capture of the temperature graph every ‘x’ hours or at the end of a brew to an email address?

I’m afraid we don’t have any hardware buttons left on the Spark that could serve as dedicated start/stop button.

Graph rendering is done in the browser. If you leave the UI open, your browser will declare it inactive after a while. This disables any notification timers.
We could add support for email notifications in the backend, but this would not include graphs.

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Oh I see.

Is it possible to start a temperature profile from command line? Maybe that way I can somehow write a python script to run the command which is triggered by an arduino based button? Just thinking aloud.

Absolutely. The UI sends JSON HTTP requests to the service. No reason you can’t do that from commandline.

Check the network tab while editing blocks to see what’s sent.

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Okay cool. Thank you. I’ll try to dig into that.

Have fun!

Our debugging api may also prove useful. Go to PI_ADDRESS/spark-one/api/doc to view all HTTP endpoints of the spark service.

@Bob_Steers Perhaps a ‘Flic button’ can be incorporated. Don’t have one, though. Just a thought.