Starting from scratch

Hi there, I could not find a “Begin Here” kinda topic and, as a complete newbie, I am asking for some help.

I’ve found BrewPi when looking for a solution to control remotely my fementation (fridge adapted with a basic TIC controller). As I brew in a remote site everytime I have to adjust the fridge temp I have to drive all the way to the site just to push a button… BrewPI seemed to be THE solution for my needs.

I was about to follow the “original” project (RaspPI + Arduino) and when reading the “part list” and getting ready to order I found that this version was replaced by BrewPILess, which I found extremely interesting specially for being a just “one little board does it all”, and decided to follow that project instead once I am only willing to control/monitor my fermentation fridge.

Got all the bits and pieces to run on a NodeMcu 1.0 (waiting some parts to arrive) and decided to flash version 3.5 from GitHub and try it out even without the LCD and some of the sensors (just to check how the front end works and try to figure the code behind it).

When builting I got some outdated (deprecated) libs (project is reffering to ArduinoJason 5 instead of 6 basically) and that’s why I am here and would really appreciate some hints that could put me in the right path… as I am starting from scratch perhaps there is a new track to follow. So here I go:

a) Is BrewPiLess a still undergoing project for newcomers or it has (will be) replaced completely by Spark (or any other “version”) that I should consider?

b) Am I looking the sources at the right place (GitHub) ? I’ve seen some posts relating trobuleless installs but this reference to a deprecated use of ArduinoJason in my first shot warned me that perhaps I am not looking in the right place.

c) Is it the case to consider having a topic for newbies like me? I would be glad to help once I expect to go throughout the steps from scratch.

Thanks for any hints or suggestions.


BrewPiLess is a fork of the old arduino code base. It was never officially supported and we are not involved in it. We discontinued the arduino version in 2015.

We focused all our attention on developing BrewBlox, our new platform that will replace our entire stack with new firmware for the Spark and a new set of docker containers.
With BrewBlox we are making a huge step in modularity and configurability to support controlling multiple processes, different mashing setups and custom dashboards.

We won’t be able to offer support for the Arduino version anymore or for forks of our code. We’re doing our best to make BrewBlox easy to install and use and developing that takes all of our time.

Thanks for you response Elco, no wonder why I was so lost trying to find info that was not supposed to be here.

I’d seen BrewBlox as too advanced and powerful for my needs but reading your post, and checking back in the GH repo I suppose that’s the way to go.

Thanks loads for the project and congrats to all the work done.


There’s a large number of forks from the Legacy branches. BrewPiLess is a non-Arduino implementation and as such lacks some of the “robustness” of a μC-based system. Most all of the Legacy-based forks are supported (or at least talked about at length) on HomebrewTalk.

I think the new system is far more capable and there’s a lot to be said for support. :slight_smile: