Starting to develop for brewpi/how to coordinate with the community

I’m going to be spending some time making brewpi work for my setup and I’d like to coordinate/give back to the brewpi community so that what I do for myself may benefit others. How do I get formally plugged in?

My development priorities:

  1. fix DS2413 support (done - see SSR Expansion Board thread.)
  2. get wifi working to replace usb link
  3. multi-chamber gylcol support

My glycol setup means that I need different devices than currently exist in brewpi. I’ve got a chiller that needs to be kept at its hold temp, pump to cycle on when cooling is called for, and values to open to direct cooling to the correct fermenter. There are also heaters for each fermenter as well.

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Good question. I guess (digged today through GitHub) that you could fork the repository (firmqare, probabily), make your changes, and then issue a push request. I, on my part, would like to do some work on the HERMS support, and I would also be there to help with the WiFi link as I think that would be very useful in my semi-mobile setup…

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