Step mash with brewpi

Hey all,

Im new into brewpi and bought the spark 3. Not found much if its possible
to control a step mash?different temperatures and holdtimes?
(somethink like the control of the speidel braumeister do)

I really appreciate anything helpful informations how to get that work.

Thx and cheers

You can use the temperature profile to do that. You can enter times like ‘0d0h30m’ for 30 minutes.

However, it does not take into account how long it takes to reach a step temperature, so you will have to take that into account and use ramps yourself.

My target is to control with an SSR my power source and start timer as soon as temperature is reached on the temp. sensor.
Hopefully there should be a way to solve that? If not I think theres not much efford needed to implement something like that. 5 step temperatures, 5 step times and a timer which starts as soon as temperature is reached. If less then five steps are needed with a zero the algo step over that step. and thats it a step mash control as a braumeister.

Means the brewpi is actually not usable for step mash brewing and just an expensive inkbird?

He means it’s usable for step mashing. You can create your desired temp profile and it will follow it automatically. But it won’t currently start a timer from when it hits a temp. Just like accounting for losses in your setup, you’ll have to account for the time your setup takes to get to temp when creating your profile.

It’s also worth noting that the multi-PID setup of BrewPi is a lot more stable for a HERMS setup than an inkbird.

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