Step mash with sandbox

Hi Guys

anyone made a step mash automation with sandbox?

Care to share your experiences with this?

Or has anyone done similar with the fermentation profile?
Please share if this has been done :slight_smile:

No one? would love to hear if anybody has done anything in this regard.

I haven’t, I just use the Setpoint Profile block for temp control, and quick actions to change blocks to start and end mash.

Not sure if your more interested in the sandbox or step mashing functionality.

most interested in a set and forget step mash profile. Manual interaction is not what I am looking for in that process, I can see how you can use quick actions, but I would rather have this on a timer kicking in for repeatability.

No experience with sandbox. Haven’t updated in awhile.
But I have been simply programming in my “step” mash in the profile.
I find that my RIMS takes ~20 minutes to raise the mash temp ~20*F.