Step widget suggestions

Finally got around to playing with the step widget and I love the functionality that it adds.

A few suggestions:

  • Button to duplicate existing step (removes very tedious adding/configuring blocks for creation of multiple similar steps)
  • “Add a block” button should be at the bottom of existing blocks within a step. Otherwise you need to scroll all the way up every time you add a block when you are adding multiple blocks at a time. I could see it being more convenient at the top if someone is adding a single block to a step that already has a lot of blocks, but I suspect that is a more rare use case then adding many blocks at once.
  • This might require a lot more work to implement, but it would be really cool if applying a step could prompt the user for a value to be applied. Ie. applying “beer constant” step would both enable/disable relevant blocks but also throw up a dialogue prompting the user for a desired value for beer-setting (rather than applying a pre-set default).

Another note is that something seems to be amiss with the stepper trying to set digital actuator state values. It doesn’t seem to apply the setting most of the time, and when it occasionally does change the setting it seems to do so in the opposite direction as expected. I haven’t had time to troubleshoot, but it seems like maybe it is interacting with the mutex block in a strange way?

Thanks for the feedback!

The first two suggestions should indeed be pretty simple. As to the third: this update includes exactly the kind of tooling required for creating edit dialogs on demand.

The digital actuator state looks like something we missed when refactoring state into (readonly) state, and (writable) desiredState. I’ll make a note to fix that.

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