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Hi, I just finished my wine cellar hackers to turn it into a fermentation chamber. I used the guide by referring to the third method, complete control. I used a terrarium cable as heating, two relay ssr 25 DA, three temperature sensors, raspberry pi 3 b Brewpi spark v2. Now I have a problem, by performing various tests, I noticed that the compressor for about 10 seconds and then stops then starts again after three or four minutes more for ten seconds and bit stops again. So I decided to stop testing and seek guidance, before the compressor will break. What could be the cause of all this ?. The wiring seems to be okay, only thing I do not have the capacitor.

Elco Hi, I will try to make you understand my scheme with a series of photos. The first photo shows the original state of the wiring with which the fridge is working properly, follow a series of photos with the wiring redone to allow the spark and the ssr total control by the spark.

In test mode the led in ssr stay on, the heater work fine, only the compressor start and stop. I think the problem is the clixton.
I tried with 40, 25 and 10 DA ssr, but the problem persists.
I was planning to replace the original start relay with a danfoss, you think i can?

I don’t see anything that looks directly wrong to me. Want you want to do is basically place the SSR in the location of where the thermostat used to be. The thermostat is a simple switch too.

I don’t recommend fotek relays, based on my own experiences with them and some stories from my customers.

Regarding replacing the start relay, I’m not the one to ask for advice on this.

Elco Thanks, I’ll try to change the ssr Fotek.

I had had a similar issue. I had a 40a relay that. I’ve bought from brewpi store and the compressor would run for around 5sec then stop and that would repeat every couple of minutes as soon as I swapped the relay for 10amp one then the issue was solved.
It seemed like because compressor doesnt pull that much power 40a relay was an overkill and brewpi got confused.

Hopefully this helps

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I noticed it, I took a inkbird relay from my oven for pizza, again from 40 DA and I solved the problem. Now I should get the relay taken from the store, one from 10 DA and one from 40 DA. So I’ll try even if the DA 40 of the store will make me problems.

@qewrty This is the first time I have heard about this happening. I don’t think it is the BrewPi that got confused, wasn’t the BrewPi Spark still driving the Relay?

@prometheus Can you measure the voltage on the control side of the relay?
How is the SSR wired in relation to your start capacitor?

Your SSR should be switching the LINE wire in the image above.

Hello, Elco there is no need to measure anything. The problem was the ssr relay of FOTEK. Today arrived the store ones I replaced the ssr everything works beautifully. The compressor starts and does not stop.

Thanks for the update. You have confirmed again to stay away from fotek.

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