Store - Out of Stock items ETA

Hi guys…when do you expect the OOS items in the store to be back in stock?..I’m anxious to progress with my fermentation control…getting thirsty :smile:


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Ok…in the absence of any reply to my email, this posting and filling in the contact us screen I’ve ordered everything I need elsewhere…except for the Brew Spark…I can’t get that anywhere else. All I needed was an ETA so I could plan…Didn’t need the stuff immediately but, as I said, In the absence of any response at all I’ve ordered everything I can elsewhere.

Now eagerly anticipating the Brew Spark being back in stock on 15th July…

Curious about this as well. Ordered a bunch of parts from the store yesterday and just noticed the 30cm HERMS coil is on back order. Any idea when these will be back and the order will be processed?

Elco just emailed me to advise that they won’t be stocking the Rasberry Pi anymore and that the Spark is going to be available in 3 weeks…from today 2nd July that means 23rd July…I’ve ordered my Pi and associated bits locally…now just waiting for the Spark…

Above information is correct.

One part on the board had a very long lead time (stainless steel threaded spacers), but I could get enough for the first 50 boards. More parts will come end of July, so soon afterwards.
New enclosures and power supplies will also come in 2-3 weeks.

Herms coils and kettle inlets/outlets will be ready on Wednesday.

One reason for the delay was that the new design had to be CE tested and it took 3 iterations of the new design with the photon to get enough ESD and RF immunity and low emissions.


Does this mean that we will not be able to replace the spark with a photon in the original batch of brewpi Sparks?

no, that’s still fine.
The new boards just have some tweaks to make things more immune, they are almost the same.

Just a heads up that the stainless parts (coils, fittings, kettle inlets, camco heating element enclosures, etc) are back in stock.

The controller PCB’s will arrive on Friday, so hopefully the first will be available in about 2 weeks (July 21).
This is a week later than the original estimate.
I still have to get a lead time on the enclosures, so I hope they will be able to deliver on what they promised me on the phone earlier.

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Thanks Elco. Can’t wait to get my hands on the parts now.

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Any update on when we will be able to order the Photon Fermentation Temperature Controller and associated parts, Elco?

I have the parts in stock, made the product photos and am now updating the store.
I hope to finish today, but I want to release it all in one go (heating elements, pumps, power supplies, valves), so it is quite a bit of work.

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Totally understand, Elco…thank you for the update…it helps…my finger is poised ready for the buy button to come live… :slight_smile:

Great stuff. Looking forward to it

The store is now back online!

New products: heating elements (2800-8500W), pumps, motorized valves + controller, ssr expansion board and more.

NPT versions of the HERMS coils, Lauterhexe and kettle in/outlets will come around at the near of August.

My focus now will be to update the firmware, until I go on vacation from August 8 to 22.

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