Strange Digital Output Behaviour

Initially I was only driving a single SSR for heating. Yesterday I finished all the wiring properly for the fridge, so that now it drives 3 SSRs for: cooler, heater and a fan. I put the BrewPi into test mode to check everything was setup correctly and ran into an issue where one SSR would just switch on and then off straight away. At first I thought this might be down to dodgy wiring, but then after shifting all of the outputs along 1 everything worked correctly.

The weirdly acting digital output had previously been used for just the heater SSR and led to this thread Fridge mode settings advice So perhaps this output was the cause all along? Has anyone else experienced this?

It sounds like the SSR was still configured as heater, and the switching ON and OFF is PWM. Please check the device list to see if you have the chamber heater installed.

This was is test mode, ie I was pressing the on/off button on the touch screen, where it did not work in one but did in the other.

In test mode, the already configured devices are still active. I need to change this, but this was probably what happened.

Ah ok, that’s probably it. It’s working great anyway! :smile: