Struggling with Fermentation Profiles Continues

On this batch of beer it is controlling great so far. I’m not sure the profile is controlling the beer setpoint though… I think I should be seeing the beer temp starting to rise to 70 but it still says 64 is the setting. Did I miss something when starting the profile ??

The profile seems to have just started. Your screenshot doesn’t show the axis labels in the profile widget, so I can’t tell how quickly it’s supposed to rise.

The dashed green line is today, I think. Setpoint should be around 65 degs.

The green line indeed indicates the now.

If you go to the setpoint, is it also being driven by something else than the profile? If not, please export your blocks and I’ll have a look at it.

brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (9.8 KB)

Is it still reporting an invalid value? The blocks you posted report a setting of 64.999, leading me to believe it’s a rounding issue somewhere in the UI, and not a control problem.

The graph data also shows 64 though. Could it be a timezone setting? Is the setpoint now increasing, but delayed?

I’ve had to open the toggle and manually change the temperature. Something else I’ve noticed when I change the setpoint 84.78 always shows up when the setpoint is enabled.firment2

I manually changed the setpoint to 65 to try to keep it close to the schedule.

Is there a place to check the time zone ?? (in BrewBlox)

checked time on the RaspberryPi and it is the correct time and zone

Brewblox internally uses UTC. The UI renders the points according to your browser’s timezone setting.
Timezone settings are somewhat unlikely to be the problem, but there’s definitely something going on.

We’re having a look at it now. The profile widget in the builder also seems to show an incorrect value for its left-hand value, so checking that as well.

Sometime between this morning, after I manually changed the setpoint to 66, the setpoint has ramped by the profile to 67.2

I’ll watch it but it seems to be following the profile…

Since my step change to 66 degs something changed and it seems to be following the profile…

An Update… This batch continued to follow the profile and did the cold crash at the end. We’ll see what happens on the next batch coming up soon.

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