Struggling with Fermentation Profiles

Each time I try to create a new fermentation profile I struggle with the current UI. Want to ferment for 14 days at 68 degs F and then raise to 72 degs for 3 days. I think I’m not understanding “offset” . This is what I have

First line 0s, current date and start time, and I want 68 degs.
Then on 9/14/2020 I want to go to 72 degs. for 3 days. Then cold crash. is this what I want ??

“Offset” and “Time” are two notations for the same thing: “Start time” + “Offset” = “Time”.
They are kept separate so you can re-use profiles: if you update “Start time”, all offsets will stay the same.

If you toggle the basic mode (the chevron button in toolbar), the graph will show you how temperature setting will change. The profile will keep updating the setting so it nicely follows the blue line between points.

Your current profile starts at 0s with 68F. After 14d you want it to be 72F. This does not mean it jumps from 68 to 72 in 14 days time, but that it will gradually change.
For example, 7d after start, the setting will be 70F.

The same goes for points 3-4: on day 15, your temp setting will be halfway between 72F and 39F => 55.5F.

So what would I do to control at 68 degs for 14 days, then go to a setpoint of 72 and once at 72 stay there for 2 days, then after the 2 days setpoint to 39 degs ??

We don’t support ‘once at 72’ yet. There is no ‘start counting when temperature reached’ in the profile.

It is just a bunch of points, which are time and temperature. Draw a line though these points to get your setpoint.
If you want a sudden step, that’s 2 points with very little or no time in between.

Got it… the temp at 14 days would still be 68…

Exactly. I would probably set a point at 13d, 68F.
Then you have a day to slowly raise the temperature, instead of heating at full power.

This should work… Thanks as always for the quick reply !!

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