Stuck mutex: any idea what happened?

Any idea what happened here? Last night Brewblox suddenly stopped cooling. From the UI, it looks like the mutex got stuck 401.54 seconds (no longer counting down). Power cycling the Spark released the mutex and put the fridge on again.

Logfile here:

It doesn’t look like the problem is with the PID’s (they are driving the PWM, but the actuator gets blocked), but in case I missed something, I’ve attached the PID graphs and the blocks as well.

I know I’m a couple of weeks behind on updates, but I don’t’ like to update while there’s a beer fermenting :grinning:


brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (5.7 KB)

The only cause of mutex lockups I have seen is memory being full.

The latest release displays memory use on the display, but you’re not running that.

If you only have one process running, if is unlikely.
I’ll check your blocks later.

I recommend updating though!

Thanks Elco. I’ve updated in the meantime (I really should get a Pi4 or something x86-based because docker-compose takes a really long time on mine).

I’m seeing 2 figures in the top right of the screen now: 76% and 78%. Nothing complicated: just fermentation (3 sensors, 2 actuators).

FYI: the spark had been running for about 26 days (2 batches) when the failure occurred.