Stuck Temp Sensor on Fermentation Fridge

About a year ago, I bought a fridge that was already hooked up to a BrewPi and Raspberry Pi system. I plugged the fridge in about a month ago to start fermenting a beer and the “beer” sensor is stuck at 147.1-

I messaged the previous owner and he said to try uninstalling and re-installing the devices. After trying that multiple times, the “beer” temperature still reads 147.1 AND I have now lost the “chamber” temperature sensor as a device. I’m wondering if my chamber device is missing because I didn’t properly reconnect the wire to the well/port. Still perplexed on the constant 147.1 reading on the beer sensor.
For what it is worth, the entire system had been working until about a month ago. The beer sensor just sits loosely inside of a thermowell. I’m also not too tech savy so it could also just be user error!
Thanks in advance for the help.

Is this Arduino based or a BrewPi Spark?

Most likely the sensor itself is defective.

I believe this is Arduino based.
What would be my next step in terms of changing out the sensor? I can physically change it our pretty easy, but wondering in terms of programming the new sensor.

You should be able to use the device manager to remove the old sensor and discover and assign the new sensor.

I haven’t used the Arduino version for years, so I’m not entirely sure of the exact process. We stopped supporting it in 2015.