Sudden cooling just out of range of beer settings

Yesterday i started a new fermentation profile and two times it happen the controller just keep cooling just really bellow the beer settings. I attach a screen shot so you can see the spike, also i saw once the Spark just restarted by itself and was disconnected of the internet with a blue light.

brewblox-errors.json (2.9 KB)

There are significant periods in your logs where the spark service is trying (and failing) to connect. Your Spark may have entered some error loop.

The latest looks to be between 2100?-2200 UTC (the log is truncated at 2115). Does this correspond with the period of intensive cooling?

We have a release scheduled for tomorrow that includes a new version of the Spark system software (not made by us) where multiple critical bugs are fixed. This may be one of them - the symptoms do look like it.

Yeah before i caught this issue the Spark was disconnected and Brewblox could not reconnect, when i checked my Spark its was on cool mode and that’s when i saw my fermenter was almost freezing. As you can see in the image the cooling started at 15:00.

Was the blue light blinking or slowly breathing?
I hope tomorrow’s release fixes this issue. I think it is a hangup in the system layer provided by Particle, but I have not been able to pin it down yet.

Drastic cooling in the graph started at 1200 MST (1900 UTC), and seems to last for three hours (end of graph).

This corresponds with the log ending with a reconnect just past 2200 UTC.

The line looks perfectly straight - likely caused by the graph drawing a line between data points three hours apart.

As said: the system layer update hopefully solves this problem. On our end, I think we may want to implement some feature that sounds a warning if the service fails to reconnect for extended periods of time.

Slowly breathing i believe .

Oh i see i will wait for this update tomorrow and hope this fix the issue.

Got another drastic cooling:

brewblox-errors (1).json (3.3 KB)

It looks to be the same problem as before.

We just released the new version that fixes multiple issues that look very much like this.

Seems it has been working fine now with the latest version, thanks!.