Suggestion for extra Wizard - bread box

Hi - I’ve started using brewblox to keep a box at a pretty steady temperature for letting bread rise. How about an extra Wizard to create this? It only uses one temperature probe and one heater. I accept this isn’t optimal for a brewery, but it works great and gives excellent results.

Creating this in brewblox, for someone who doesn’t want to learn how to create and manage blox from scratch, doesn’t seem to be too easy. Mostly because the fermentation fridge wizard requires you to have two inputs - one for the beer and one for the fridge temp. So I ended up plugging in an extra temp probe to get round that and then deleting stuff afterwards.

Given the huge interest in home baking at the moment, a home built bread prover would probably be quite interesting. Just a thought :slight_smile: I’ve been very pleased with the result and my wife is pleased I’ve stopped using the clothes airing cupboard.

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There have also been some requests for a cooler-only wizard (the most recent earlier tonight, funny how that goes).

I’ll make an issue for it. Adding a wizard is relatively straightforward, and heat/cool only setups seem a useful option to have. Fridge/beer sensors can also be made optional.

For future reference: Mock temp sensors also exist, partially for the purpose of satisfying wizards. You can create them from the selection dialog.

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Thanks for the information Bob - I’m always pleased to be learning something new.