Swap Brewblox Spark3 and Spark4 production hardware


I have a Brewblox Spark3 running my Ferment fridge (which has been pretty much idle for too long now) and a Brewblox Spark4 running my keg fridge and can fridge. Now that I’m confident the Spark4 is reliable I’d like to swap the hardware between the two roles. I’m wondering what the most efficient way to do this is. They talk to separate raspis but unfortunately because one of the raspis also runs my solar logging I can’t simply swap the SD cards and be done with it. I’d also like to retain the history etc. Also not afraid of the command-line. Cheers

A step-by-step for spark 3 to 4 can be found here: Upgrade to Spark 4 - #2 by Bob_Steers

Spark 4 to 3 is the same, but without the manual creation of GPIO channels.

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