Switches not actuating and no logs


With a personally uncommon amount of patience and resilience I have just about cobbled together a brewpi system from a knackered old computer, bits and pieces, and a couple of things ordered from china.

My webserver is installed on Lubuntu 16.04 (don’t ask), and the hardware side of things is on a dirt cheap knockoff arduino UNO (again, don’t ask - money and me are not often in the same room).

I got brewpi installed, web server is up and running, onewire sensors wired in, and installed - temp being recorded and displayed in LCD screen and in maintenance settings (there is a big difference between the two, but after reading some threads it appears that the LCD output is filtered, and so not real-time, right?)

However, there is nothing displaying for the logs in the web view (I have checked /home/brewpi/logs via linux terminal and can see they ARE being recorded)

Second, I’ve tried a custom program and currently running beer constant at 23C. Despite logging set
Point at 23 and current temp at 20 - 37, there has been no STATE recorded on graph, and in settings the actuators are just recorded as inactive.

Any ideas why they’re not being triggered?

Thanks in advance, amazed by the community here, especially how much Elco is involved. Hope it’s not a problem I’ve not been able to get on board with the photon as yet.

It’s a permissions issue with the www-data user being able to access the log files. Give read access to all users.

Actuators trigger on fridge temperature. If you have no fridge sensor, they won’t trigger.
This is not true for the BrewPi Spark, where the PIDs fall back on the beer sensor if the fridge sensor is gone.