Switching HLT control between PID and PWM

I have my BrewPi set up to control a HERMS. I am a little confused when it comes to the HLT. Initially, I want to directly set it to a specific temp to heat the water for mash-in. After mash-in, I want to use the PWM widget so that the mash tun sensor feeds in to help regulate the HLT set temp. When I’m ready for mash-out, I want to go back to direct control of the HLT temp so I can set the sparge water temp.

I’ve been able to stumble around and make this sort of happen, but since this is seems like a specifically-designed feature, I’d like to know what the “standard” procedure is to quickly and easily switch between the HLT sensor controlling the temp, and the HLT PWM controlling the temp.


https://brewblox.netlify.app/user/control_chains.html#a-herms-with-dynamic-hlt-setpoint describes how the MT/HLT are related.

To toggle direct control of the HLT setpoint, you can enable/disable the HLT Setpoint Driver block.

After disabling the HLT Setpoint Driver, enable the HLT Setpoint, and you can set it manually.

Re-enable the Setpoint Driver to switch back to dynamic HLT Setpoint control.