System requirements?

What are the requirements for web browser/hardware in order to view the Brewblox UI on the web? I have a very old iPad that has not been updated in a long time, and I cannot load the web page. I’m going to source a newer one but I’m not buying a brand new one just for brew day. Does anyone know if there are certain models that are unsupported, or is it strictly a browser issue?

Tried different browsers?

yeah, I tried chrome and safari. My Ipad is from 2011 and it is running ios 9.2. I don’t want to update it because it still runs ok and I know that once I update it, it will probably get slow and twitchy. I’m assuming it’s out of date, which is understandable, but I’m curious to know if which minimum version of ios supports the correct browser versions to run the Brewblox UI.

My dad has a first gen iPad air that he’ll let me use in exchange for beer, and this one goes up through ios 12, so I’m hoping that should be good enough

I have no idea to be honest, maybe the community can chime in.
We don’t do much in backwards browser compatibility. I would expect you to be able to install a more recent version of Chrome or Firefox, even though the iOS version is old.

The next release is set to compile to ES6 features, which is slightly more compatible than current releases.

What is the version of your safari? I’ll have a look at what should be supported in theory.

I’m running iOS 9 on this ten year-old iPad 2, so I think that means Safari 9. Chrome is version 71 (for iOS)

Based on feature support tables, chrome 71 -should- work for the next release, but that comes with a disclaimer. JS feature support in browsers is one step short of anarchy.

If you want to try it out, I can set up a temporary sandbox for a pre-release (develop) environment tomorrow or so.

It’s far from a crucial feature for me at this point. I am still getting setup and gathering materials, and have only been playing with a simulator so far. Though my Spark3 and temp probes arrived to Colorado today. Thanks! I can wait for the next release.

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Can you hook up a monitor/tv to your pi instead?