System running fine, but cannot backup

I am running 2022-12-06T16:37:22.942Z according to the gui front end and everything is running fine. I’d like to upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of the way the spark now saves blocks, but when I do a backup, brewblox-ctl cannot connect to the data store. I get a loop of text saying:

INFO Connecting https://localhost:4430/history/datastore/ping, attempt 32/60

until it reaches 60 and then exits. In case it helped, I used export COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT=240
to increase the timeout, but got the same result. I’ve generated a set of logs and these are located at:

Any advice appreciated as I’ve done backups before OK

I’m seeing some container restarts, but nothing major. System logs also seem normal. If you run down / up, is the system normally accessible in the UI?

After a reboot it sure does work as I would notice that, but having just a down/up sequence, the UI sits politely saying waiting for datastore in the centre of the screen and in red no eventbus, no history bottom right of the screen. It is in the state as we speak…

My server isn’t the fastest in the world, but I’ve not seen any real problems for a while.

And the logs are here for this:

The logs look perfectly fine. Does the problem persist if you toggle the UI between http / https?

If it’s been a long while since the last update, you may need to reboot your system to apply kernel updates.

Reboot is always my first choice Bob :slight_smile: After a reboot all is well and no issues, after trying up down/up I got the errors described and if I try https:// instead of http:// all I get is a message in the browser saying failed to connect. Toggle back to http:// and I’m back to the waiting for datastore.

I have a backup of the entire machine from a while ago and I can add the changes I’ve made since then manually easily enough. Thanks for taking a loo kso quickly, I think it’s time to roll back to a known good config

https includes your custom 4430 port? http history issues can occasionally be caused by the browser limit on simultaneous connections (4).

It looks like the update itself was applied already (I see the volume mount for spark backup files). A snapshot of the current settings may be useful, as it does not rely on communication with any services.

Cheers Bob - the firmware update had indeed been applied earlier on but that went through fine, I think yesterday. I had hoped it was something fairly obvious and I appreciate you taking a look. Through the miracles of proxmox, I’m restoring the VM and I’m sure I’ll be fine after that…

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Normal service has been resumed. When I get more time I might try and reproduce it. I suspect some OS update was the culprit. backups working and system upgraded too :slight_smile:

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