Technical documentation

At the risk of embarrassing myself here, where can I find technical documentation on the legacy BrewPi (Arduino/RaspPi) system. I would like to play around with changing a few things but have no idea where to begin as I can’t figure out how things fit together. I have tried searching but haven’t found much and what I have found are dead links.

In particular I am interested in how the whole web side of things fit together as well as the communication protocol between Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Thanks in advance.

There isn’t much technical documentation on the old legacy version.

The python script opens a socket (file or tcp) and php connects to it. The python script alternates between processing TCP and Serial. The front end communicates through socketmessage.php, which relays it to the file socket.

The available keys are best found in the python script. There is no api doc.

The way the system works is not very well designed, it was my first experience with many things in the stack.
We’re completely rebuilding the stack to resolve that and the new stack will have much better documentation, design and modularity. For this reason, I don’t want to invest much time in the old version.

Thanks, just thought you may have had some basic docs kicking around that could steer me in the right direction…

Will try and work it out :slight_smile:

Absolutely understand that you don’t want to put any effort into the old version.