Temp probe: to calibrate or not to calibrate

Just about done and ready for my brewpi to “go live”. I got three sensors from the brewpi store. I did some testing in ice water. I’d say 2 of them are within .2 or .3, but the other one is about 1.5˚ C higher than the other 2.

I tried to read up on this topic. It seems on one hand I read a recommendation that calibration is necessary to help the alg work well without trashing, but elsewhere comments have spooked me… it’s hard to do, it’s not needed at the probes are tested before shipping and should be very accurate…

I tried fiddling with the serial connection to probe but it didn’t work. I got the problem wactuary talks about in this old thread. Was this ever resolved? For some, cutting and pasting worked, for others not, and it didn’t work for me.

So at the moment I think I will put the sensor that is a bit off outside my chamber, and use the other 2 for beer and chamber temp, and not bother with calibration.

I agree, just use the probe that is off for room temp logging.

I’m going to add calibration to device manager to make it easier to set.