Temp sensor not recognized as such

I’m going crazy trying to get these temp sensors set. I am running BrewPi 2.10 on a raspberry pi with a uno board. I have two DS18b20 sensors connected and have gone over the wiring 3 times with my multimeter and everything checks out. However when I go into the web interface and try to configure devices it comes up with a list of 5 devices (0-4) all as digital pin as the hardware type. Oddly the assigned pins are 2(act3), 5(act2), 6(act1), a5(act4), 4(door). Nothing shows up on pin a4 which is what the data wire is running too. Please help I’m going insane lol.

The digital pins are not really detected, just pre-configured.

There must be something wrong with your wiring or your 4k7 pull-up resistor.

After reviewing more in depth what you said about the resistor I tested the resistance, turns out the guy at the parts store gave me a 470 ohm not a 4.7k ohm. I will be swapping this out later today and hopefully this will resolve the issue. Could this have done any damage to the sensors?

That did the trick after replacing with a 4.7k resistor all is good. Thank you for the help.

I’m having the same issue.

I’m fairly sure my breadboard worked fine in testing using the 1 wirelibs.

I’ll give it another go to be sure though as this is my 1st setup of a brewpi