Temp sensor went bad, replacement reads "null" [SOLVED]

I had to replace my fridge sensor (DS18B20) because it stopped reading after a few months in service. The beer temp sensor was still reading correctly until I unwired the bad fridge sensor and wired the new probe in place. Under the device configuration screen, it looks like it’s picking up both sensors, but the temperature values are reading null. I’m not sure if the 1-wire address it’s seeing for the “fridge sensor” is for the new sensor or if it’s still looking for the old one that I removed. I’ve rebooted, refreshed, checked the wiring, etc…the only thing that has changed is that I swapped out sensors.

A note on the sensors; the original ones that I bought had red, yellow, and green wires, and the new one has a red, yellow, and black. I matched red/red, yellow/yellow, and green/black…let me know if this was wrong.

I’ve read that power supply issues can cause the null reading, but everything was working correctly with the current power supply before replacing the bad sensor.

This is for a BrewPi with the Arduino Uno, btw.

If the device shows up in device manager, but you get null or it disappears when you check ‘read values’, your 5v is disconnected.

I just had it wired it up wrong, so we can classify this one under “user error”.