Temp Setpoint Slider

I run on a touch screen. And because we/I run a lite version of the raspberry os broadcasting in chromium I have no keyboard nor is there even the ability for a virtual keyboard. Is there any chance for a slider on the temp targets.

I know this secondary request is possible with “quick actions” But… Maybe even programmable temp choices to pop up under the slider. Kinda like the pump pwm except I would be able to set them at whirlpool temps and mash temps???

For technical and usability reasons, this would be rather awkward to implement in the Setpoint block/widget itself.

Having preset values could be useful though, so I made an issue for a widget that can edit Setpoint settings, and can be configured to have a slider + preset buttons.
No promises on ETA and final shape. It’d be the kind of smallish feature we implement when another issue is blocked, and we’ll undoubtedly make changes to the concept.

Sounds great. Thanks a bunch. I’ll buy a USB key board for now!