Temperature control disabled

Just a quick question guys…I’ve switched my BrewPi into temperature logging mode only…while I am between brews…Trouble is I only get Room and Fridge temperature displayed. The Beer temperature is displayed as null in the device configuration in maintenance panel and of course the beer temp isn’t displayed on the graph.

Before I go into fixit mode…Is this correct behaviour?

Possibly stupid question. Have you connected the beer temp-probe?

My setup displays the beer temp no matter what profile as long as the probe is connected.

If it is correctly set up in device manager, can you please try disconnecting and reconnecting it?

Thanks for the suggestions guys…

The beer temp probe was connected.

It was correctly setup in device manager and has been and working for months.

I did try disconnecting and reconnecting but no change…

So I disassembled the plug and found the white cable had disconnected itself…so off to get my soldering iron and that’s when everything went to pot!

But that’s for another day…at least I’ve diagnosed the problem.

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