Temperature control not continuing after end of profile


I am used to having the Brewblox hold the temperature at the end of fermentation. This time, however, this has not happened. While the profile cold-crashed down to 1C, it appears that it immediately stopped controlling.

Currently the beer is sitting at 11C, while still showing a target of 1C.

My understanding of previous ferments, is that once it reached the end of the profile, it should hold whatever the last temperature was.

Please advise.

Kind regards,

It should hold the last temperature.
How does your profile look?

Your cool PWM is currently running at 100%. Is your actuator / compressor broken or disconnected?

Edit: your temperature jumps 15 degC from one point to the next, and then keeps reporting. Your beer then also starts going up. Are you sure you haven’t left the fridge door open?

Good catch, I missed that!

Ha! Funny you should say that. I was just logging in to say that I discovered the door was open. I am not sure how that happened. I certainly had not been in there at the time. My brew equipment is stored in front of the fridge - I have to move it all in order to open the fridge to keg the beer. The door was just open a small amount, but with the room it was in at high 20s Celsius, it was enough.

Sorry for the confusion!