Temperature Graph metrics showing deleted blocks

The metrics lists unused deleted block names. This is a bit confusing because I have created new blocks with names that are more relevant to my case. Would be great if the metrics list would update and hide unused/deleted blocks. Any way to do this?

Thank you

Old names disappear from the selection after 24h.

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Also quick question, what’s the proper way to update the firmware and brewblox to latest release?
I don’t see any info on the user guides relating to updating.


brewblox-ctl update will update your services, and ask to update firmware.

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More Graph questions:
Would it be possible to implement a feature where one can place markers/annotation labels on the graph to help make checkpoints? For example - when one clicks on the graph it places a static marker which then displays the values of all metrics at that XY point. (Basically what the graph does by default right now when you hover on top of it but allowing a point to be marked)
Additionally the marker can be labeled. examples “Brew Start” or “Checkpoint A” or what have you. That would be super helpful for logging and tracking little details or changes in behavior. :slight_smile:

The annotation labels are already on the to-do list. I’ll make a note in the issue to check whether annotations can also permanently display values.

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Awesome. You guys are doing such an amazing job with the support and replies. While I have the post, more questions :grimacing: -

If I disable Beer PID and Beer Setting blocks, that still let’s me set a constant temperature for the Fridge correct? Or how would I set a constant temperature for the fridge when there is no beer in there?

What exactly does the reset button on the Spark do (complete reset or like a reboot or?)

Is there any way to change the temperature sensor to a different pin other than to copy and paste the one wire address? Just curious how the sensors are assigned to each pin.

Thank you

Yes, if you disable the Beer PID and settings, you can still use the Fridge setpoint to set a constant temperature.

The reset button on the Spark reboots the Spark, it does not remove settings or blocks.

Temperature sensors are discovered. Plug one in, go to the spark service actions, and click “Discover new OneWire blocks”. It should now pop up in the block list.
If you then want to use the new sensor as input for your Sensor/Setpoint Pair block, open the setpoint settings, and change the sensor (click on the sensor name, and you get to choose).

As a side note: right now we’re putting the finishing touches to a pretty big update to the standard fermentation arrangement (the one you make with the wizard).

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Thanks for all the answers. Lot of clarity now.

Re: the new update - any idea when we can expect the release?

Thanks again!

An hour or so? I’m typing the release notes right now, and Elco is fine tuning the last tooltips.

Oh wow. I guess tomorrow morning I should be able to test it out then!

Thank you for your awesome work and support.