Temperature issue

¡¡Hi everyone!! ¡¡Happy new year!!

Firstly, sorry for my english, it have been years since i studied it at school.

Secondly, my problem is that Brewpi seems to cool or heat too much. He doesn’t learn. When i set beer temp to 20 degrees (i will always speak in Celsius), the temp goes to 26, an then to 16,5. Totaly crazy. Well, that was last week. I have been changing the places of the sensors. Now it goes to 20,3 and then to 18,5. The problem is that it doesn’t get better replacing the sensors, so i think it has to be the software. Maybe de algorithim, maybe i haven’t got well configured.

Some graphics:

I use a freezer of 1,5x1x1, a fan and a heater of 200w

Which platform are you using Arduino or Spark/Photon? What is the current code version? Where are your probes placed at? What is your current configuration for settings? What have you adjusted and tried thus far?


Arduino. Code version… the last one i think, i installed Brewpi a week ago. ¿With probe you mean detectors? Fridge probe is in the middle of the freezer, pretty near to the heater. The beer probe is inside a glass of 0,50 L of water.

¿The configuration settings are kp, ti and td? They are in blank.

I don’t understand the last question.

We would want to confirm the version you are running (should be the same as found here https://github.com/BrewPi/firmware/releases/tag/0.2.10). Probes = the DS18B20 one wire temp sensors. The chamber sensor should not be close to the heater this can cause things to go crazy, place it in a neutral location in the chamber. Also are your probes waterproof?

As for the settings anything you have changed under “Control Algorithm” or “Advanced Settings”, if nothing from default it may not be needed.


Your beer changes temperature fast. How many liters do you have and are you using a thermowell? Taping the sensor to the side of the beer will not work.

Your beer temperature also seems to respond to the cooler directly, instead of via the air in the fridge.

Also show your fridge setpoint in the chart.

Please note that the arduino is not recommended for new builds.

I think he typed he has a 0,5L glass in which he put the probe. Half a liter of water is thermally very quick to change and will jump up and down with your heater. Try a bigger container, say a 5 liter bucket and put the beer probe in that.

@r_vandenbroek is rigth. I will try with a bigger amount of water. For the beer i have prepared a thermowell.

I will post again! Thank you everyone!!

PD: I use an arduino because i got it at home.

Now Brewpi runs very good. It seems those 0,5 L were the problem. I have been doing the same with 5 L an the results are incredible!!

Thank you everyone for your attention and patience