Temperature not displayed correctly and settings not sticking after upgrade to 0.4.0


I previously had a problem where I could not uninstall installed devices (see here Uninstalling and reassigning device permanently not possible via web interface.

Upgrading to version 0.4.0 has solved this but now presents two new problems:

  1. Settings no longer stick. After each power outage I have to recalibrate the touchscreen and the brewpi returns to the test setup. I have to exit test mode and enter beer profile in the web interface and setup the sensors again. EDIT: This seems to be because I cannot install any devices now - Assigning a device number, chamber and function and clicking “Apply” does not install a device
  2. The temperature is displayed correctly if I click “read values” in the maintenance panel - but in beer profile mode both the web interface and the brewpi touchscreen display a completely different temperature (40.4 degrees C instead of 24.6 degrees C) - see attached image

Any ideas? I’ve gone through various iterations of flashDfu.py, updater script and resetting the serial port…

I have this exact same issue and would be very interested in what the fix is. Any changes I try to make don’t take and the only probe of 4 that is reading at this point is the Room Temperature.

Ditto here, updated to 4.0. I have two sensors at the moment both are recognised in the test mode and display correct temps. Both are recognised when device refresh is actioned but will not hold their settings, no temps displayed.

I had the same issue. Tried to delete an Actuator, but was back after a refresh.
Then I experienced the same thing with my temp probes.
My solution was to reset Photon to factory default.

Sorry, answering the wrong qustion in the wrong topic,…I’ll try to show more attention :grin:

Actually, I do think that clicking that button should fix the issue.


I tried again:
Fresh install, on 0.4.0.
Then, under advanced settings, click “reset photon to factory settings”.
Go to device list. Both sensors that are plugged in are shown in “Detected Devices”.
Device 0: Selected device slot 0, Chamber 1, Chamber Device, Chamber Temp.
Click apply

command line shows Device config command sent, …

Click refresh devices

Installed devices: None

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I have tried various permutations of this (previously as well) including the options to wipe eeprom during firmware update.

No success

This leads me to think that your EEPROM is broken or something.
I would like to assist you live, because I’d like to see with my own eyes what is happening.

I’ll send you a PM to make that happen.

Sorry forgot to say my Skype name is: elcojacobs

The only fix for me is to set chamber device to beer1.