Temperature probe getting warm?

Hi, I have recently acquired my Brewpi Spark and have updated it with 0.4.1 at the moment it is just sitting on my desk with two probes attached. All initially appeared to be working as it should but now one probe appears to be getting warm. As I type there is a 17 degC difference between the readings with them sat a few cms apart. Even stranger the “hot” one does actually feel warm. When I lay the cold probe on the warm one it will measure the temp increase. Both probes are OEM from BrewPI with the plugs pre-fitted.

I have reset/ reinstalled the devices no change.

Any ideas.

That sounds like a defect sensor. I recommend unplugging it.

Is the other sensor working normally with the bad sensor unplugged?
Please send me an e-mail or PM with your order number so I can send you a replacement.

Please also look into the connectors on the BrewPi Spark to see if they look normal and the contacts are not bent.

Yes the other sensor it appears to be working ok. The same readings are obtained even when the sensors are plugged in via an expansion board. All pins look ok.

I have sent you my sales e-mail.

Thanks for your prompt attention.