Temperature recording only?

Hey all,
I’ve not tried the BrewPi install file yet but I have a Raspberry B+ and Arduino kit lieing around and I’d really like to hook them up so that it records the temperature of my FV over time, and maybe charts them using the nifty BrewPi UI. I don’t need to control the temperature in any way just record from my Onewire Thermocouple that I normally just hook up into 3 of the Arduino inputs.

So my question is would it be possible to just plug in the OneWire as normal and then tell BrewPi to look for the information on those inputs, or is BrewPi configured to look for a specific setup coming from the Shields?


I’ve seen guides where you can just wire the onewire to the pi and log it.
You won’t get full brew pi UI from that.

You can wire the up direct to the arduino with the correct resistors, should get something working with that.

You should be able to do that. Connect all sensors to the same pin (A4), 5V and GND , with one 4k7 pullup resistor on A4.
Keep temperature controll set to OFF to just log the data.