Temperature Sensor Issue

I’m setting up my BrewPi Spark 3 w/ Raspberry Pi 3 and am experiencing several issues. I’ll put them in separate topics. This one concerns one of my temperature sensors. When plugged in, The temperature reads about 30 degrees higher than it should and the probe gets increasingly hot. This is one of the two I purchased from the BrewPi store. Is it toast?

If the sensor gets hot, maybe it is reading correctly, but that definitely indicates a problem.
I think it needs to be replaced. If your other sensors are working correctly it seems to be an issue with the sensor itself.

My last use of my Arduino BrewPi setup had a serious issue. The Pi board went bad (no USB, corrupted memory card). Whatever happened caused the heater to run constantly inside of a chest freezer. I think this excessive heat may have messed up both temperature sensors. One gets hot to the touch and reads at a higher temperature, the other gives me random null values on the Spark 3.

I ordered a 5 pack of temperature sensors from the BrewPi store with expedited shipping. Hopefully I’ll have them for my brew day on Friday.