Temperature Sensor Pass-through

I’m setting up my BrewPi Spark 3 w/ Raspberry Pi 3 and am experiencing several issues. I’ll put them in separate topics. I have a project box housing all of my electronics. I have panel mount temperature probe (phone) receptacles. I then use telephone cords to connect inside from the panel mount to the Spark 3. When using this method, the probes are not recognized. Only when they are plugged directly. Any ideas?

Are you sure the wiring of that pass through is correct?
Could this be related to your other issue of the sensors getting hot?

We have these in the store: https://store.brewpi.com/rj12-panel-mount-coupler

Please measure that:

  • Your pass through connectors are 1:1 pass through.
  • Your cable pin 1 on one side is also pin 1 on the other side.

Also check that the cables are crimped correctly and that not one crimp pin is clamping two cables, the leads are touching inside the connector or the leads have shifted a position.

Thanks Elco. It looks like I need to put on a new connector making sure the wires are 1:1.

Worth checking as well the number of cores connected. Most telephone cables only have pins 3 & 4 connected as the phone only needs these. The one-wire probes need three connectors.

I solved this issue. Confirmed the phone cords I was using were crossovers. I crimped on new connectors to pass the wires straight through and it works.

Nice! That explains the sensors getting hot too. Hope they are not damaged!