Temperature sensor type

Is your threaded onewire temperature sensor a DS18B20?

I have tried to use it to replace a DS18B20 sensor in my arduino project , but the sensor does not appear.

Yes it is. Do you have a 4k7 pullup resistor?
Did you connect red to 5V, black to GND and white to your data pin?

Yes I have 4.7k pullup resistor, and the wiring is correct.
my setup is working with another DS18B20 I have, but when I try to use the threaded onewire temperature sensor, i’m not getting any data.
Sensor failure?

Any luck on the threaded temperature sensor?

I have same problem…

The threaded sensor has the same internals as the regular one. This is not the problem.

My problem was in the connection, a bad plug on the supplied cable.
Works fine now.

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