Temperature sensors in beer or not?


What are the Temperature Sensors made of (the cables)?
Can I fully submerge them in the beer?

They are made of silicone, the tips are of stainless steel.
They are officially not food safe, so a thermowell is recommended.

They will survive boiling and being in the beer without issue, but they do not have an FDA grade rating.

My understanding is that thermowells are encouraged but not required. I believe the ones Elco designed should be OK without. I plan to use thermowells if for no reason other than I don’t see a good way to keep a closed system without using them.

That being said, I haven’t actually ordered the thermowells so if anyone has pointers for what to get or not to get, I’d appreciate the recommendations.

These fit like a glove in the orange and maroon carboy caps. Also the probes fit perfectly down the well. https://www.brewershardware.com/search.php?mode=search&page=1&keep_https=yes

Sorry just realized that link is wrong: https://www.brewershardware.com/16-Stainless-Steel-Thermowell-TWS516-16.html

How does that work. Do you put your sensor in the thermoWell all the way tot the bottom?
How far needs the thermowell be in the liquid?
Where can you buy a thermowell that ships to belgium? (google isn’t helpfull on this)

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thx. So I guess you drop the probe in the thermowell tube all the way to the bottom of the tube?

Anybody know a place in Belgium or Holland to buy a thermowell?

I am also looking for thermowells in the Netherlands. Did you find any in the meanwhile?

Currently it is quite hard to include a temperature sensor in my fermentation vessel that is properly airtight.

I have one from RS-components, but they are not cheap:

Thank Elco.

Also found these ones: http://www.tcdirect.nl/Default.aspx?level=2&department_id=220/1

In Dutch they are sometimes called ‘thermokoppel’ and ‘dompelhulzen’.


Found some more:


These are copper ones, but that should be relatively okay to use in the wort (stainless steel still is preferred) : http://byo.com/issues/item/1144-metallurgy-for-homebrewers

I would not get copper. If it is in contact with air, it will turn black/green. When you put it in your beer again, the acid will make it shiny again, but now the green stuff in in your beer.

I experimented with some copper pipes in my beer and they turned nasty pretty quickly. They were not fully submerged though.

Okay, no copper it is. Thanks!

I also found brass ones (messing in Dutch), however that is an alloy with copper and some lead, which you also do not want in your beer… : http://www.vedotec.nl/nl/cat/accessoires-voor-sensoren-en-opnemers/dompelbuis/g+c

Another Dutch name for thermowel is ‘dompelbuis’ and ‘dompelhuls’.

On the same site in my previous post there are also stainless steel ones!


Generally stainless steel thermowells are around 20 euros. Haven’t found them cheaper anywhere else.

I haven’t got mine yet.
I have Speidel plastic fermentor of 30l. According to my measurements I need the thermowell to be at least 40cm long (top sticking out not included). I use the temp sensors sold in the shop.

which one of the above mentioned should i buy (price doesn’t matter I finally want to use my brewpi the proper way!).

I have mounted mine from the side:

@ Jeroen: You want to buy a stainless steel one, with inner diameter of 6mm (that’s the sensor size).

@ Elco: Looks very good. Unfortunately I use glass ones, so I have to get in there through the rubber cap.

Okay, Vedotec doesn’t sell them to private persons, only to companies…

Does the silicone cable contain phthalate (DEHP)?

Just as a quick update, I got 1 each of the 6" and 12" weldless thermowells from here and they’ve worked great: https://www.brewershardware.com/Weldless-Thermowells/