Temperature sensors not reading same temp

Hi all

Just got my brewpi wired and running.

One thing I noticed when I was doing some tests was that the temp sensors were about .8c apart from each other when in the same room about a foot away from each other. I don’t think it’s the sensors, because I noticed the same thing when testing with threaded sensors (in prep for a RIMS build that is no longer in progress). The sensors I am currently using are normal one wire sensors without the thread.

Any ideas why this would be occurring @Elco?


It’s probably the sensors. They are specified to have an accuracy of ± 0.5 °C. It’s quite possible to have one a little high and one a little low, giving a larger spread when you compare them. Also, they’d have to be thermally coupled to give the same temperature- the temperature in a room could be slightly different at different physical locations.

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